The Truth About Colon Hydrotherapy


When I decided to become a Colon Hydrotherapist, I searched online for articles that would confirm my decision to pursue this career. On the contrary, I found many doctors and medical industry personnel attacking Colon Hydrotherapy and looking to discredit its existence as a beneficial method of cleansing. This was a little disheartening, but I decided to do some research and find out the truth.

If Doctors say it doesn’t help, why do it?

With as many studies out there that have shown Colon Hydrotherapy yields no evidence of being beneficial, there’s an equal amount of  evidence proving harm from Colon Hydrotherapy. None. Colon Hydrotherapy can not be presented as a cure for disease, but the environment it creates in the colon and the body can assist in healing. A little bit of knowledge about the practice can diffuse any doubt. If not, then it simply isn’t the thing for you. We all resonate with different types of therapy and have varying comfort levels.

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Where To Find Fresh Burdock Root In Stores Near You!

I like to focus on only a few herbs at one time to really get familiar with how to use them and how they work. I have read up on Burdock root, but I don’t have a patch of my own to get a fresh sample.

I do plan on growing some in the near future, but I really wanted to try using it in my cooking to get the benefits for the winter.  I came across an article that says you can find it in most asian stores as “Gobo” root. This is amazing news.

Burdock root is both medicinal and can be used as a nourishing food. It can be cooked in a stir-fry much like a carrot would be used. I plan on using it for pickling. A few pieces a day are sure to help keep winter cold and flu’s at bay.

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Ouch! My Food Bit Me!

That was an obvious ploy to get you to click the article;  hey, it worked.

Above is a picture of Stinging Nettle, a common weed. You probably have some nearby!

Nettle has many benefits

  • Nutritious: Great source of iron and many other minerals and vitamins
  • Treats allergies
  • Can treat joint issues
  • Seeds used to treat adrenal deficiency problems and balance sympathetic nervous system (anxiety, restlessness)
  • Good source of fiber
  • Roots good for prostate

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Pictures From All Over the US

Word pressing has proven to be quite difficult from the road. I’ve decide to upload some pictures instead of writing an elaborate post. Expect another round in a few days! We just got back in from Canada and we will be in NYC soon!

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Stop Cancer In Its Tracks With A Common Household Item

It almost seems too good to be true that something you might already have in your kitchen can do wonders for many common ailments. I’ve familiarized myself with an ancient Ayurvedic technique over the past few weeks. It takes 15 minutes every morning, and you can do it absent-mindedly while getting other household chores done.  Naturopath, Dr. Karach MD, who has used this technique extensively on patients and himself, claims to have cured his own chronic blood disease of 15 years and that the same method healed his “acute arthrosis” within three days. A disease which had forced him to be bed-ridden. He’s successfully cured a slew of other diseases in his patients. Yes, even preventing the growth of malignant tumors.

So what is this awesome method of detoxification?

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How To Grow a Garden In a Tiny Apartment

Whenever I show my friends my outdoor garden, they almost always look defeated and confess, “I would love to have a garden, but I live in an apartment.”

It seems pretty unrealistic to be able to produce your own fresh veggies if you don’t have a backyard or even a small patio or porch, right? This shouldn’t be the case, and there is a perfectly affordable and reliable way to be able to provide yourself with nutritious greens.

The Secret

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Would You Give Your Child Vinegar If He Was Dying of Thirst?

No, you wouldn’t. That would be ridiculous. Surprisingly, we do this every day to our own bodies.

Do you ever think to yourself, “Man, I wish I was as sharp as I was when I was younger.” Or, “I used to have so much energy.”

Imagine that all the cells in your body are small children. Most likely none of us have been awaken in the middle of the night by our cells asking for a glass of juice, some sodium, or some potassium, right? Literally hundreds of voices whining for something they desperately crave.

Even if our cells had voices would we know what to grab when they asked for it? So as you can see there’s a language barrier on top of an informational barrier. Without the help of expensive scientific equipment there’s no way to tell what your cells are screaming at you unless you are listening to your gut (no pun intended). With all the false advertisement and labeling out there, who can tell what is good and what is bad?

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Simple and Delicious Vegan Crunchy Thai Salad

How about a link? I’ve recently found this blog created by The Alkaline Sisters to be deliciously entertaining. They have so many nutritious and seemingly easy recipes. I love what they are all about, and c’mon, their pictures are so bright and intriguing.

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Raw Vegan Alternative to Cooked Rice – Quick and Delicious

Grains. Good or bad?

Either way, I am going to give you a quick alternative that you are going to want to make every day. (I do).

Most people aren’t aware that gluten intolerance is present on some level in everybody. If you are like me, you probably love eating white/brown rice. If you top it with a few savory things, it becomes a filling meal! Duh. Unfortunately, it is usually processed and most of the time needs to be cooked.

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